Business loans and commercial funding service  - Offer 95% fund

* commercial business funding up to 250 CR (50 lakhs onward*)
* All category business loans
* msme and all govt. scheme loans
* Islamic finance, export credit agencies and multi-lateral agency loans
* business buying loan 
* Banks loan mediation and liquidation settlement negotiation
* Equity funding from venture capitals, NRI capital, angels investment and locals share promoting.



BIGGBIZ MANAGEMENT – a  Bangaluru based business finance sourcing l business  project total fund raising agency  to-  any amount any project - is a rapidly-expanding success-based all over India. BIGGBIZ MANAGEMENT understands and appreciates the difficulties faced by those wishing to source funds and has developed and perfected a proven 5-step procedure to make the entire process simple and most affordable.We source investors, we source lenders and we source  joint-venture partners for all diverse range of projects all Over India and middle east. We are selective and driven by the investment merit of a project and the person (or people) behind that project.  We will consider any project anywhere in India. BIGGBIZ MAANAGEMENT prefers to take complete responsibility for the entire total fundraising / finance sourcing of a dependable business plan..!!

Our Founding Principal

BIGGBIZ MANAGEMENT was established in 2005 by a team of business professionals in Dubai UAE, to cater India based entrepreneurs to setup projects in Middle East countries, mostly Saudi Arabia and UAE. WE did it through wide sourcing of wealthy NRIs & Arab individuals’ investment and rarely by Arab banks and expanded to India in the year 2007, where is the perfect place to challenge. First we tried to make relationship almost all Indian banks and business project financing institutions, mostly top level and maintained very good positive relationship to serve Indian business community, especially freshens !!!. Today we serve enterprises (also proposed enterprises) to raise required total fund, through equity (angel investment / venture capitals, local share group etc.,) and debt finance (bank loan etc.,).  We are making big list of angel investors to (startup capital) support and grow with fresh entrepreneurs / new generation business peoples (most of them are work experienced in same field)

What is deference between us and other loan consultants?

We are not (only) a business loan consultant..!! then we are personal fund raiser of a business project. How? others offer loan broker service, it will up to 70-80% of total project cost. What about balance margin? many of entrepreneurs are not capable of meeting such a big margin. We instruct to raise 3 -5% in large projects and 5 – 10% of small projects. We will raise initial capital through equity (that may angels, NRIs, local shares, venture capitals etc..)      

We know that running a business is never an easy task. One is bound to face financial hiccups during the process. But promoting new entrepreneurs is must. Why? to generate more more employment and more income in our beloved country.  V do help entrepreneurs like a close friend.

Our is mixed strategy in business project fund raising..!! How is that? We use any one or combination of two or more of below factors to raise required fund.

Commercial banks (national and international banks)

Private project financiers (Islamic finance etc)

Government sponsored financial institution (like IFC and state financial corporations)

Special industrial development agencies (mostly Govt. sponsored) like KSIDC etc and various export credit agencies

We seek direct govt. share (private : public) from various state Govt.s (depend merit of proposed project)

Venture capital investment

Angel investors (mostly to raise startup capital)

Do you need our project fundraising service? Please read our non negotiable 5 – step procedures now…!!


Q. I have a viable and dependable project. Project investment requirement is 12 CR INR. I can raise 50 lakhs personally. Can I implement and complete this project with your help?

Of course. If your project and project plan is dependable only. All reliable and dependable business projects can make true, fund is not a matter!! 
Do start now? Visit 5 step non negotiable procedures first and do necessary. CLICK HERE

What we do?

Simply..! work with you for you, to do things and achieve goal. We do things one by one for you. Not mere advice..! Sure. We handle your business finance matter fully. Because we are expertise in business funding brokerage field. How? We approach banks or appropriate financial institutions and secure your finance..! Definite. Read our 5 -step procedures well and sign a contract agreement / business deal with us and assign us…do that timely.

We do
All The Services You Need To Setup, Improve, Grow and Manage Your Business that meAn  Fine Tune Your Business For Maximum Profit...!!!  from

Business plan preparation

Identify latest Technology

Company Formation

  • Location Selection
  • construction supervision
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Material Design
  • Name Consulting and Protection
  • Negotiation Services
  • Employee Training (all business areas)
  • Invoice and Policy Review
  • Lawyer Selection
  • Automation service
  • Supplier selection
  • Project management / supervision
  • Plant / machinery / equipment selection
  • Business funding / finance arrangement - our * service
  • BIS - ISO standard certification / TradeMark service
  • Initial starting capital securing through angel investors or venture capitals - if promoter hasn’t raise sufficient margin fund…!!

  • Document / approval / licensing service

Liaison with investors / banks / departments

Turnaround / recovery service & recovery financing

Business image building
Contract business management service. 

And many other business supportive services, like

Advertise management

Marketing & sales net work

Business linking service


 What are you waiting for starting expanding or buying your own business today!

Strictly select international targeted good potential projects only..?  

How biggbiz raise initial capital or 
margin fund to promising entrepreneurs?


We also provide mentoring for established small and medium sized businesses and counseling for start ups as well as for those just getting off the ground. To be


One, those who are looking for money to start a business, or grow it - the Entrepreneurs, and two, those who have the funds to put in businesses that can make money, big money - the Investors


We were connecting Indian new entrepreneurs with worldwide angel investors.

BIGGBIZ MANAGEMENT believes that if anyone, anywhere in India needs money for his business, he should have easy access to it. Indian Funding is also convinced that it’s not just angel investors and venture capitalists; there are many sources here who are interested in funding promising business models. Anyone looking to invest his money and get good returns can also become an investor in this business.

BIGGBIZ MANAGEMENT puts the entrepreneurs in touch with the right set group of investors or financiers. We aim to make things easier for the entrepreneurs and financiers. Don’t let a great business idea die for want of funds. Let's work together to let entrepreneurship thrive. Connect us.



If you are looking fro a great idea to nurture to business, you have come to right place. BIGGBIZ MANAGEMENT is a right place to enables promising entrepreneurs across India and Middle East, not city a matter, to present their proposal to investors and financiers.


Across India are many, many entrepreneurs who have faith in their skills and have racked their brains to hit upon a business idea which can deliver loads of value to its target market. They know they can make money, employ people and help in the country’s economic development. But they don’t have enough money to get it going.


Across India and Indians in overseas seek promising idea with a great entrepreneur to invest. Biggbiz is a coordinator and mentor here for both sides.
Some project attracts total project fund in this way of equity..! 

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