used plant machiner equipment trade in India

used plant machiner equipment trade in India

BiGGBIZ UNLIMITED is leading commission agent of used plant, machinery and heavy equipment deal and  assist industrial units (small, medium and large units) to

= choose right fit plant, machinery and equipment – new or used item and import

= assist units to select & import short term used good quality used plant, machine and heavy equipments from developed countries – like America, Europe etc., this deal is highly beneficial to enterprises..!!

= arrange finance for all new and used items – some time owner’s loan also, mostly to used items.

= used plant setup import is quality wise and price wise attractive to entrepreneurs - to new enterprises and plan to expand / modernize projects

= available- all capacity used plants / machinery / heavy equipment items - always below half or 1/3 of actual market, quality wise competitive to fresh items. Usually we deal western or Japan make items only, to assure quality. 

= BIGGBIZ linked with 7 international plant machinery heavy equipment traders and consultants

= Used items are mostly decommissioned due to overcapacity, mergers, business reorganization or environmental regulations at their present location, mostly in Europe and America.

= Industrial plants come with complete documentation including detailed engineering, P&IDs and foundation drawings. These facilities can be inspected at your convenience to investigate how they may compliment your expansion plans.

= Brewery, General Engineering, Power Generation, Chemical,Industrial, Gases , Pulp & Paper, Dairy, Mineral Processing,Steel, Edible, Oil, Petrochemical, Sugar,
Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, Synthetic, Fiber, Refinery,Food Processing, Plastic & Rubber all plants available

= We not only offer the plant and equipment of your need but also work closely to arrange third party inspections and appraisals, dismantling cost estimates, logistics of inland and ocean transportation along with reengineering and re-erection services. We can also source technologies for client’s manufacturing processes if you so desire.

=  We arrange loan / lease for this plant machines and heavy equipment  

=  We also deal new plant machinery and heavy equipment to 
    industries – Indian and importing

 What we do?

We do Everything You Need To setup, Improve and Grow Your Business..!! 

 work with you for you. We do things one by one for you. Not mere advice..! Sure. We handle your business finance matter fully. Because we are expertise in business funding field. How? We approach banks or appropriate financial institutions and secure finance..! Definite. You sign a contract agreement / deal with us and assign us…From plan preparation up to commissioning and more to day to day business management...! more about finance? 

Are you trader or consultant of plant machinery and equipment?

We are not trader..! we are practical consultant / service provider. How? we identify & source technology and plant machinery / equipment for our clients, on client demand. We linked with some leading traders (new & used) in this field. Our best interest is our client's profit & satisfaction...? Read more about us from F.A.Qs   



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About us business consulting is providing you practical support you need to resolve all your business problems and make your business successful. BiGGBIZ UNLIMITED provides full business supportive and management service to setup, improve and grow your, for all sizes of business in almost all sector industries in India. 

We provide you all types of strategic and tactical business support and management service to help your business succeed and grow as effectively and easily as possible.

We also provide many effective business services to help your business succeed. We provide total businesses financing service, advertising and marketing services, wed design, research, outsourcing, expansion, product development, market penetration, branding, positioning, sales training, negotiation services and many more useful business services to help your business succeed and grow.

You are ready to be your own boss (you want to start a business) and you are very excited about the potential of your ideas or some time you may not have any business idea…!

What other consultants / consultancy firms do for you?

They advice you that to go there..! Ask that.. Do that, do this..! More than that you have to approach more agencies / consultants one by one to do things..! About finance matter, nobody help you fully? Here there is also advice to go and ask that bank or this bank..!

What we do for you?

Simply work with you for you. We do things one by one for you. Not mere advice..! Sure. We handle your business finance matter fully. Because we are expertise in business funding field. How? We approach banks or appropriate financial institutions and secure finance..! Definite. You sign a contract agreement / deal with us and assign us all duties…

Business plan preparation

Identify latest Technology

Company Formation

  • Location Selection
  • construction supervision
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Material Design
  • Name Consulting and Protection
  • Negotiation Services
  • Employee Training (all business areas)
  • Invoice and Policy Review
  • Lawyer Selection
  • Automation service
  • Supplier selection
  • Project management / supervision
  • Plant machinery equipment selection
  • Business funding arrangement - core service
  • BIS - ISO standard certification / TradeMark service

Document / approval / licensing service

Liaison with investors / banks / departments

Turnaround / recovery service & recovery financing

Business image building
Contract business management service. 


And many other business supportive services, like

Advertise management

Marketing & sales net work

Business linking service


We do

All The Services You Need To Setup, Improve, Grow and Manage Your Business that meAn  Fine Tune Your Business For Maximum Profit.

As a business owner you are most likely very, very good at what you do.  However, many business owners find that they are not very, very good at the day-to-day operations of running the business

Here we closely are watching your business! even after …function started, why? And offer.~

TIMELY WARNING FOR YOU, when BUSINESS indicates wrong signals 

  • Revenues Fall
  • Employee Morale Sags
  • Customers Leave
  • Competitors Taking Away Business
  • Technology Changes In The Industry And Management Doesn't Notice
  • Projects Fall Behind
  • Uncontrolled Growth
  • Costs Rise
  • Good Employees Quit
  • Stress Increases
  • Aging Accounts Receivables
  • Little Repeat Business
  • Bookkeeping Records Unorganized, Not Current
  • Less Advertising and Promotion
  • Deterioration In Physical Plant

Then we can help you by replacing running management with a professional one .. because NO EGO, smooth running and profiting is matter here..! Are we correct?

This is called contract management service and Benefiting to number of small & medium enterprises, mostly under performing. We understand the many challenges facing businesses in today's fast-paced and competitive climate.

We work with you to improve the organization’s bottom line and fuel top line growth by identifying and unlocking the inherent opportunities in the organization. We understand urgent requirement of organizations – achieve short term performance goals as they work to build the future. We also understand the challenge this creates.

Measurable Results
we believe our consulting responsibility goes beyond assessment and recommendation. Our consultants will assure that your objectives are translated into measurable performance improvement and bottom-line results.

Is these all services by BiGGBIZ?

Our core service is business fund rising I project loan securing service. Business consultancy related services are offered by linking with reputed  agencies, those are leaders in concerned sector, like project preparation, project management etc., BiGGBIZ team supervise and monitor programs.  

BiGGBIZ UNLIMITED is a network professionals and reputed project consulting agencies. So, we have experts with and coordinate to execute total work timely.

Can BiGGBIZ undertake project totally?

Of course. We sign deal with promoter to full project work and fulfilling by different leading agencies at time, up to key.  Plan preparation, fund arrangement, various sanctions / approvals, technology, plant construction, plant, machinery, equipment installation etc., BiGGBIZ expertise in project financing – which is back born of project, various approvals and plant / machinery deal, and other sectors are handled by concerned experts / leading agencies.     

 Do You Want Our Fundraising Service?

 Please see our 5-step no negotiable procedures …?


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