fresh mba pgdm managers placement to America and Canada

fresh mba pgdm managers placement to America and Canada
First of all we are not a placement or overseas recruitment agency..! Not licensed so, .. Then, leading business consultancy and project loan + fundraising brokerage firm in India. By our experience and link with international management service providers…we do these


We introduce and assist in direct recruitment process to international companies, mostly on junior managers or trainee managers’ selection process. (Not migration process at all)..! We assist companies to source resumes, to meet (interview) applicants in India, arrange meeting venue etc., mostly a professionally linked and least priced favor to our international?


Presently, Ottawa based existing, but expanding to (specialty) management service provider firm requires junior fresh managers and trainee managers. This company plan junior managers’ recruitment to Canada and America


Above company’s activity- to provide running /operations management service (day to day operations management) to sme category downing enterprises. Yes, when existing management of such sme  fail in day to day operation, above service proving firm replace that with a temporary (may permanent)  management team of with them…contract basis..!?


Company recruit freshen / junior managers and provide world class work place (along with work) training at appropriate operation practical management field, training duration 1-2 years (most valued certificate course) that duration depend recruitees’s graduated collage, acquired skill and grade, and make them American or Canadian standard  manager.


Recruitment style – direct recruitment and have fixed period bond (total five year bond, 1 -2 years paid trainee manger and 3 – 4 years full manager)


Who can apply?
 Who held PG degree or PG diploma in management or administration, like mba or pgdm etc, in any specializations or General management / administration, production,  finance, HR, sales and marketing, operations , organization management, retail management, hospital n health care management / administration, IT management, tourism management etc.,  and or any commercial or science PG (like M.Sc nursing, biotechnology, etc with minimum one year added PG (management) diploma can also apply here..!!!   

No need of IELTS or equivalent, but functional english skill is must


Age & physical – age below 29 and height above 160cm (girls above 155cm) with good health.


No. of vacancies – 1st phase 200 -250 numbers, expect more in future (in future, terms and conditions will change and may expensive**)

Work timing – initial stage 9 – 12 hours including training, recruitees to adjust here 



Duty – mostly operation manager (An operation manager basically deals in the various internal and external movements and flows within an organization that affect its efficiency, especially in sme)**small and medium enterprises. Training makes one a full pledged operations manager or turnaround system manager.


Package – first 1 – 2 years (mostly 2 years) is paid trainee manager and scale monthly 1000 – 1500 USD + free batcher (standard) accommodation provided by employer. then after monthly 2500 – 4000 USD (considering different criteria’s during training) and standard family accommodation. After bond you may stay there or not.


Departure timing – depend company formalities, expect 4 – 7 months, expect an interview (in India) with employer (December 2010/ January 201  


Expense to recruitees.. No big expense to recruitees at any stage, except your flight charge to location and small fees to visa stamping (not visa cost) process in appropriate consulates in India, this total expense varies 250 -300 USD, direct pay to office.  

All expenses meet by employer…! Including our service fee, after departure only.


How apply? Submit


  • Detailed resume,
  • Passport size photo,
  • Passport photostat copies (front, back and all stamped pages), - if you did not get passport, apply now and submit later
  • Degree and PG certificates copy (all mark list copies also),
  • Certificate’s credential report from any (Canadian or American or British) approved agency,  (that shows your certificate’s equivalency or approval in Canada or America and how relevant to job opening), not original only copy.  

(vist for certificate credential evaluation details and this is not a recommend, only for information) read importance of credential evaluation certificate from website..! read importance of credential evaluation from related websites?


Resume and all documents as email attatchment– 
and also use our resume submission form below (see below)   


No any fee or any commission or service charge ..! to us from you candidates, now or in future, all related expenses meets by employer. (we have no right / license to receive service charge or commission from candidates and here we do only assistance in total recruitment process and not a intermediary to any payment deal?)


NOTICE- if you need our assistance in credential evaluation process, Send a cheque / DD or pay through Pay Pal or Google check out, 61 USD equivalent (Rs.2855/-)  along with resume and documents. 61 USD is discounted price while more certificates submit together..! 
if you need a copy of certificate, must pay USD 300, instead 61 USD. take care?

Suggestion please try to do (submit) evaluation process self –there have many agencies worldwide 
(use keyword like credential evaluation in yahoo / Google) and if not convenient, then try us.

If have a team of 7 members or more to apply here (from same institute), pay only 52 USD /each (instead 61 USD) to evaluation process (group discout allow by concerned agency) 

Refunding policy -  this fee goes to credential evaluation firm and not refundable.  



Q. Offered Package is comparatively very less? Especially for first two years.


Yes, Comparing Canadian / American pay standard…OK.

Company select average candidate (not compel for topers) and train them to be best…it is too cost bearing process...!! More of this? company meets all expenses to visa processing and all. This vacancy offer so much opportunities to candidates than initial packages. Consider the value of offered practical training?  

Remember..!!! Recruiter is start up company (in this field), they have to be established. Premium offer don't expect here.  


Anyway read all terms well and decide self? Feel better apply now.  However no risk factor or any money loss here.





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