Investment means the use of money in the hope making more..!Wise investment mean? use of in the hope making more money (money doubling), but not at all agree capital loss.

In business the purchase / build of physical good house, industry, some durable goods in the hope of improving and making more more money. But no tolerate loss (99%). It is also wise investment

Here we do indicate some wise investment opportunity
 in business activity, and risk is zero.!

1. Invest in a Shop cum housing project of the view of own use or sale to premium price.

2. Invest in a risk free industry project, by joining with others and with support of authority / Govt.

3. Do a business of most moving durable item, offer good return, no complicated deal but offer risk freeness.




Who is angel investor?

An angel investor (also known as business angel) is an affluent / some wealthy individual who provides / contributes capital (share of initial capital) for a business start up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.

NRIs, business retires, other retires, wealthy house wives, existing business owners, Govt. employees, executives,  private employees, retires etc., all are welcomed to this esteemed project. Help young entrepreneurs, for proft making…!!!

Here, we organize angel investors to pool their investment to ideal new enterprises..!!  


Do you want to be an angel investor? Yes, I mean that, are you an individual looking for business opportunity of a 10 times higher return than traditional investment?   


We do have opportunities…!!!..Exciting opportunities, where you get respect and value, along with higher return..

We have a list of startuping small enterprises under professionally qualified and work experienced (but fresh as an entrepreneur) entrepreneurs –they seek start up capital from yours and offer equity.  These enterprises have high potential to be big in near future.


Do you seek an investment place that has the potential to return at least 10 or more times of original investment within 5 years?

Eg.  You do invest Rs. 1, 00,000/- (2200 USD) in a ideal startup enterprise, as your wish,  but return is more that Rs. 10,00,000/- (22000 USD) within 5 years…..!!!!


You can start invest from as little as Rs. 25000/- and up to any amount. These new generation entrepreneurs seek your expertise, experience and contact along you’re your investment to grow with, if possible..


Today 1000s of individuals while many of them are NRIs, from all parts of India, join this angel investment move. This helps start up entrepreneurs very well and so our country.


We also welcomes foreigner angels, to partnership / invest with well qualified (mostly youths) Indian entrepreneurs.


Suppose! Do an investment of just USD 10,000 (Rs. 4, 50,000) with an Indian entrepreneur and dream a bright future. BIGGBIZ MANAGEMENT is mediator in between angels and entrepreneurs. If your consent, we will monitor your investment and growth..~  

We were connecting Indian new entrepreneurs with worldwide angel investors.

BIGGBIZ MANAGEMENT believes that if anyone, anywhere in India needs money for his business, he should have easy access to it. Indian Funding is also convinced that it’s not just angel investors and venture capitalists; there are many sources here who are interested in funding promising business models. Anyone looking to invest his money and get good returns can also become an investor in this business.

BIGGBIZ MANAGEMENT puts the entrepreneurs in touch with the right set group of investors or financiers. We aim to make things easier for the entrepreneurs and financiers. Don’t let a great business idea die for want of funds. Let's work together to let entrepreneurship thrive. Connect us.


We request you to diversified policy in investment, mean don’t invest in single project, but do it in more enterprises, yes, small investment, no problem?


Do you seek more information regard this opportunity. Please contact us.!


OR fill up and submit this form, to show your interest...!! 

Our brothers and sisters – today’s energetic entrepreneurs and tomorrow’s business leaders..? 
Inviting you, to make a business partnership and to grow to dream…!!!  


What are surplus goods / surplus stock?

Surplus / excess stock (of goods) in the godown of manufactures/ large scale dealers, due to order cancellation, sudden block in marketing system, lack of order etc., they disburse this stock (mostly in bulk) below half of actual market price, because they need godown space, they need money and continuously producing large quantities.  


Surplus stock business is of exciting/ big profiting making business worldwide, BiGGBIZ Management  operate a network to collect surplus stocks from reputed manufactures / dealers from India & abroad.


Mostly we collect all type textile fabrics, cloths, dress items, garments, chapels, and fancy items etc., which are fast moving.


We collect fresh and quality items, on below half of actual market price, not at damaged or old stocks.


What is business here? You can start / operate a wholesale & retail market for these items, at your nearest town/ city. This is hot business of selling fast moving items on real discount price. You can sale to small textile shops, small garments making units, street dress venders, direct to customers etc., in your surrounding area.


Investment & profit – it is not a small business, and requires 5 – 10 lakh rupees investment. Profiting 25-35 % in each consignment, so fast money making business.


Risk factor – it is 100% risk free business. Items are not fast damaging type, surrounding demand is high, mostly cash & carry, no much competition, no fear of loss, no complicity to handling, assure annual profit of 200 – 300% on investment.


World & Small business

Medium-sized and small businesses are responsible for nearly 65% of the global GDP representing more than 90% of all businesses, employing over 90% of the world’s workforce.

Global trends have suggested that small business is the biggest contributor to the economy of any country. Small business is big in India too. It is one of the most crucial sectors of the economy in terms of the number of employments generated. As more than 65% of its population lives in rural and semi rural areas, small business is one of the most viable options for the population residing in these areas. After agriculture, small business in India is the second largest employer of human resources. In India an industrial undertaking that has investments in fixed assets which do not exceed more than Rs.10 million falls under the category of small business.

The Government of India has undertaken several reforms to attract more investors to the small business sector in India. Some of the reforms undertaken include provision of training facilities, availability of machinery on hire-purchase terms, special bonus for setting up small business in backwards areas, tax deduction for small business and assistance for marketing the products in domestic markets and exports, very liberal financing scheme.

Micro Business Park  &  You.

An industrial / business park is an area zoned and planned for the purpose of industrial / business development.. In some countries industrial parks are usually known as industrial estates. Small business parks containing multiple units all of the same style or different units.

Imagine a India where everyone has affordable and successfully running small business and good income…!!! A beautiful prospers India. We do dream that. About you?

BIGGBIZ MANAGEMENT do plan micro business park for very small / micro category investors, investment start from Rs. 1,00,000 – 10,00,000/-

We do plan 3 category micro enterprises parks.

  1. Micro industry parks – in highly potential / resourceful / labor oriented locations in India. This is a cluster / zone of 25 -40 small industry units under small category investors / entrepreneurs..! here arrange common administration, accounting facility, purchase and marketing facilities, to cut running cost. Avail 80-90% loan.

If you do start a micro industry here in this park, of investment required Rs. 3, 00,000/- you get up to Rs. 2,50,000 -2,75,000 loan. Get all supporting service to setup, manage, and improve and growth..!

  1. Micro business park – it is cluster of various micro service/trading / repair businesses, investment range Rs. 50,000 – 5, 00,000. Here also get 70-90% loan and supporting services.
  2. Micro IT Park – It is a cluster of micro IT units, to provide various IT services, domestically and internationally. Here investment start from Rs.50, 000 – 5,00,000/- and provide all supporting services. Setup strong marketing wing for all units together….! Policy – start small grow to big. Here also avail 80-90% loan.      

Features:- locate (proposed) at various parts of India –where labor avail. (In future consider Africa countries also). Lease or purchase facility / buildings in commercial place to accommodate 20-50 units at a place..!!!! Supply movable business idea (if need), support from plan preparation up to commissioning and further in day to day management. Common administration / front office, common (advanced) accounting system, common purchase and marketing wing. Common management advice service etc., You do listen to your business…this common system reduce running cost more than half..? Organize as a language group like Keralite, Tamils, and south Indians in a Park.




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